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So There’s a Brave Video Game and it Has Exploding Arrows

Almost Totally Excellent

When it comes to kids movies, genre movies, and action movies these days, the video game tie-in is pretty much guaranteed (even, eventually, in the case of The Avengers). And for the most part, if a tie-in video game is good it’s a pleasant shock rather than an expected outcome. So it should be no surprise that there’s a Brave video game tie-in in the works, and that it, well… doesn’t show a high level of visual polish.

At least those were my feelings at the beginning of this trailer: “Ugh, those textures. Oof, that fabric rendering.” But then Merida started shooting fire arrows just like in Diablo III, and the little kid in me kind of screamed “I WANT THIS FOR MY BIRTHDAY,” and if I had a young sibling they would be getting this for their next gift and then I’d take my “turn” and never give them the controller back.

(via Geeksugar.)

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