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Snoop Dogg is Putting Out a Smokable Song Book

Who says print media is dead? Not Snoop Dogg, that’s for sure. He’s so fond of print media, in fact, he’s putting out a book that is literally disposable. Snoop Dogg’s new song book, Rolling Words, is made primarily out of rolling papers. Try to contain your surprise.

In addition to the rolling paper pages, printed with lyrics from your favorite Snoop Dogg jams, the rest of the book is made out of hemp materials, and to top it all off, you can strike matches on the spine. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an artist so vehemently advocating book burning.

While everyone else in the world is off worried about a new digital medium where copies can be made at no cost, it seems like Snoop Dogg is running in the other direction by putting out media you can’t even use twice. That being said, it’s a pretty clever way to monetize what is essentially the resale of lyrics to fans who have already purchased songs, except this time without the music. Still, it’s got a certain swag to it.

See what the man himself has to say about it:

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