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Snoop Dogg Was On The Price is Right [Video]

The Price is Right is practically synonymous with giving away new cars, but it is generally an affair for the daytime house spouse, rather than, oh I don’t know, Snoop Dogg, who happened to appear on the afternoon game show, revealed to be sitting in a prize car. The contestant played “Check Out,” a game in which prices of everyday grocery items must be guessed, but she wasn’t alone, for she had popular gangsta rapper and grocery connoisseur Snoop Dogg in her corner, calling out to the audience to see if they had birds and could help guess the price of bird feed. You’d think now is the time to make a joke, but the fact that this was a thing that happened is funnier.

Don’t worry, Snoop helped the contestant win, and it was pretty amusing watching him freak out with her, except he had to do it like a cool guy because he’s a cool guy. Snoop guest starred on the show during its Celebrity Charity Week, which helped raise $72,585 for his Snoop Football League, a football league for inner-city kids.

Snoop said that The Price is Right was one of his favorite shows to watch while skipping school as a kid. “The feeling was still here. It’s like it never left,” he said, which one can only assume was referring to how awesome it is to skip school and watch television instead. Stay in school, kids! (So you can skip it and watch game shows.)

(MTV via BuzzFeed)

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