Snoop Dogg Vows to Fight Cybercrime with Rap Contest

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Not an Onion headline: Hack Is Wack is a Norton-sponsored, Snoop Dogg-approved competition wherein contestants submit an “anti-cybercrime rap video” two minutes in length or shorter. “Entries can rap about topics including hacking, identity theft, computer viruses, and why it’s important to protect yourself from online crime,” and the winner gets tickets to a Snoop Dogg concert, round trip airfare for two to LA, lots of face time with Snoop’s management, and a Norton-packed Toshiba laptop.

Snoop’s video entreaty:

The whole thing is beyond snark, really: Yes, Norton teaming up with a rapper could be grounds for hilarity, especially when they drop strained lines like “Next thing you know, the po-po are knocking down your door thinking you’re part of a cybercrime ring,” but Snoop has always seemed like such an incredibly good-natured guy, and in the video, he barely talks about the anti-cybercrime thingie at all, and instead just gets really excited about the possibility of aspiring young rappers meeting with his management team and getting advice.

Our only real quarrel with the thing is that the rules and regulations section of the site persistently misspells the rapper’s name as “Snoop Dog”; for shame, back-tracing cyberpolice, for shame.

Update: They have fixed the spelling.

(Hack Is Wack)

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