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The Jersey Shore’s Snooki Debates Wolverine Vs. Jean Grey. Yes, Really.

I'll Allow It

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is the last person I’d expect to get into a conversation about superheroes but that’s exactly what happened yesterday on Twitter. Offline, the reality star was discussing Marvel’s Wolverine and Jean Grey with her boyfriend Jionni LaValle and brought the conversation to her Twitter feed to see what her followers thought. Turns out, she made a pretty good argument. 

“Jionni thinks Wolverine is Stronger than Jean,” she tweeted, “I love wolverine, but her powers are stronger. Whose side are you on?!”

Not that I keep a close watch on Snooki but I never heard her admit she reads comics so this certainly came as a surprise. Though it became clear while reading her following tweets that her X-Men knowledge likely comes from the live-action films.

“Obvi wolverine is still alive but jean legit could have disintegrated him. Obvi.,” she wrote.

For the most part her followers seemed to agree, Jean Grey would totally win in a fight, but Snooki wanted to make sure people didn’t think she was anti-Wolverine. “Nothin against wolverine, he’s my favorite thing ever and I’m obsessed with him,” she wrote, “Just tryna prove jionni wrong ;)”

She then tweeted to Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman (you know, just in case he was reading) saying, “I love Wolverine!! He’s my favorite character of all time!”

I saw a few tweets in my own Twitter feed to the effect of, “Get out of my subculture,” but I think this whole thing is kind of cool. The more the merrier when it comes to people enjoying superheroes, I say. Plus, she was obvi right.

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