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Saturday Night Live‘s Michael Che Rages Against Journalist on Social Media

For someone who makes a living dishing it out, Che sure can't take it.


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Michael Che is a wildly successful comedian. He’s been co-anchoring Saturday Night Live‘s most popular segment, Weekend Update, since 2014. In addition, he’s hosted the Primetime Emmys with co-host Colin Jost, and had some successful stand-up specials. He’s doing FINE. So why does he need to pick a fight with every journalist and critic on social media?

Che recently lashed out at Uproxx columnist Steven Hyden, after Hyden published an article titled “Why Does Everyone (Still) Hate ‘SNL’s Colin Jost?”. Che took to Instagram Stories where he posted several messages accusing Hyden of bestiality in a bizarre and unfunny rant:

Hyden replied amiably, shrugging off the joke, despite Che changing Hyden’s Wikipedia page:

It’s an aggressive and frankly embarrassing take from a comic who seems to have zero problem making fun of others. And besides, people have been crapping on SNL since its inception: it’s a tradition as old as the show itself.

And this isn’t the first time Che has gone after journalists on social media. He went after Daily Beast columnist Samantha Allen, who name-checked Che in an article about comedians making transphobic jokes about Caitlyn Jenner.

He then mocked Allen on Instagram and called on his followers to harass her. He has done the same thing to other female journalists and critics.

Che also recently posted private Instagram messages to his stories where he repeatedly misgenders someone in his comments:

Che has yet to face any repercussions for his behavior, which is disappointing considering the show’s treatment of its other writers. Staff writer Katie Rich was suspended after tweeting a joke about Barron Trump, writing that the youngest Trump “will be this country’s first homeschool shooter.” Many on social media were quick to point out the double standard:

(via The Wrap, image: NBC)

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