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Newly Discovered Smiling Dinosaur Looks Like It Belongs in a Pixar Movie

No. No no no no no no no. no.

…though probably as the villain. It’s a little creepy looking, let’s be honest.

Kaatedocus siberi, discovered in Wyoming, had teeth that stuck out of its mouth, making it look like it was constantly smiling. Even though it was a herbivore, I’d keep my distance. (I’m imagining a world in which humans and dinosaurs can interact in a way mostly devoid of bloodshed, which is completely unrealistic for several reasons, I know, but if I want to imagine riding a dinosaur to work how dare you try and stop me?)

Kaatedocus lived about 150 million years ago, during the late Jurassic period, and in addition to having a perma-grin it “walked on four limbs, had a long neck and a whiplash tail,” according to paleontologist Octavio Mateus. Like the Diplodocus, of which it is an ancestor, the Kaatedocus had a tiny brain and not much by way of complex brain functions. But it still “managed to survive in an environment with a lot of other formidable dinosaurs. According to Mateus, these included BarosaurusStegosaurus and large carnivorous Allosaurus.

Veggiesaurus, schmeggiesaurus. A likely super-strong dino with a “whiplash tail” and big, pointy teeth that are always grinning at  you?

Welcome to my nightmare.

(via: Discovery News)

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