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The Saga Is Complete With Super Smash Wars: Return of the Hero Part 2

This is the only time anything Slippy says will amuse you.

We can’t get enough of Super Smash Wars, but this is going to have to do, because its reference-fueled brilliance has finally reached the end of the original Star Wars trilogy. Of course, it could go on and do the prequel movies, but who wants that? Actually, I do. It would be better than the real prequel movies.

You can watch the finale above, and the entire playlist is included in the embed because you’ll probably want to watch the whole saga all the way through at least once. It’s incredibly well done, and I’ll be sad to live in a post-Super Smash Wars world from now on. Although, Star Wars Episode VII is coming along pretty soon…

(via Laughing Squid, image James Farr via YouTube )

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