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Cuddle Your Nightmares With This Slender Man Plush Toy

So scary! But so snuggly! I am terribly confused right now!



When I was a little kid, I had a stuffed clown — hand-made by a dear, beloved, and wonderful aunt — that I was convinced was going to kill me. There was a time I though that clown was the scariest stuffed toy in the history of time, and for a while, I may have been right. That time is over, though, because thanks to Kickstarter you can buy a plush version of newly minted horror icon Slender Man. It’s the perfect gift for the child in your life that you don’t like much and want to scar for life!

Designer Richard T. Broadwater is almost at the halfway mark for the $10,000 he needs to bring this monstrosity into the world, and with 9 days left, we dearly hope he’ll make it happen, because when you come up with a children’s toy this unnerving and horrific, respect should be paid. You can check out the doll that teaches all other creepy dolls a thing or two about scaring children and see some of the original Slender Man prints you can get with your pledge in the video below. Then visit the Kickstarter page to help make Broadwater’s chilling nightmare a reality that can haunt your waking life, too.

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