The 11.5-Hour Live Theater Show Designed to Put the Audience to Sleep

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Some of us are restless sleepers. Some of us might even have vivid half-dreams about untitled gossip blogs devoted entirely to Doctor Who‘s Matt Smith at 1:00 and 5:00 in the morning. (Guilty.) And some of us might be interested in knowing that there is a live show in London right now called Lullaby – The Sleepover Show that puts its audience members to bed. Literally. No, really — they lay in beds instead of chairs and the performance is meant to make them go to sleep. It lasts from 10:00 pm to 9:30 am the following morning, and breakfast is served upon the clearing of the house. Brilliant.

If you are in London and have £42, then you can see Lullaby and be a part of the show that no one can stay awake through! Which is a good thing, because the show is described as a “romantic rock-a-bye nocturne” as well as a “moonlit soporific serenade followed by seven hours of slow-wave sleep rounded-off by breakfast”! It’s a big slumber party, except with a few dozen strangers!

Bring chums and book singles, a double or even a triple bed and sleep with us on a summer night in the city

Enjoy your private dreams as sister songstresses Harriet & H Plewis and domestic dreamers Matthew Robins and Tim Spooner create a nod off narrative of soothing storytelling and choral cradle song

No joke, this sounds really relaxing. And hopefully, the Barbican’s Pit Theatre can be trusted with the safety of your person and possessions while you’re taking in their production. Because if you’re doing that correctly, it means you are asleep. There is an intermission, at which time everyone brushes their teeth and takes care of pre-sleep business. You can read a review of the show — which is surely incomplete if the reviewer fell asleep — here. As weird as it is, it’s a more serene alternative to Go the F*ck to Sleep.

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