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New Six Flags Facebook Game Begs the Question: What Were They Thinking?

Six flags has done some pretty off-the-wall shenanigans in the name of self promotion, but this one has to be the most ill-advised of the bunch. Welcome to Mascot Park, the latest advertising campaign and Facebook game from the marketing geniuses over at Six Flags. In Mascot Park, where the mayor is apparently a pimp bear with a creepy entourage, you can make your own creepy avatar mascot and have it perform shows on a variety of themed stages. There’s the Space Stadium and Fright Fest and other zany locations.

And this would all be well and good. But then the pain infliction and bodily harm come into play.

First of all, there’s a Cannonball Chaos mini-game reminiscent of Kitten Cannon. Sure, it’s slightly more normal for someone at a theme park to be shot out of a cannon. But then your mascot gets set on fire and struck by lightning and it’s all very much not making me want to ever go to Six Flags. Come to our park, where we hurt animals.

But wait, it gets worse. After you’ve performed a few shows with your mascot, your friends can sign on and watch. Hooray! Oh, but while they watch they can also throw stuff at your mascot, including AN AXE, an axe that WILL KILL YOU. Come to Six Flags, where you can kill your friends for a good laugh all under the jurisdiction of a fly pimp bear.

Here’s some comments from the creators of the campaign, courtesy of Kotaku:

“We designed this game to be inherently more social than other Facebook games because players actually interact with their friends’ shows and mascots,” said John Welch, CEO of Making Fun. “If fans are so inclined, they can throw an ax at a friend’s mascot while putting on a show or dazzle them with pyrotechnics. Players can decide the level of interaction.”

The game was created by developer Making Fun, with the goal of creating a game that “create a game that delivered Six Flags’ signature brand of social fun.”

Now I’m no expert on Six Flags, but I’ve never seen a bear in a track suit getting chopped to death with an axe there before. Prove me wrong, Six Flags! Prove me wrong!

(Via Kotaku)

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