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Listen to Sir Patrick Stewart Moo like a Cow in Several Accents, Because Some Days Life Gives You Little Gifts

Sir Patrick Stewart's Christmas present to us was a little late, but it's worth it.


Who do you call in when you need an expert on how cows moo in different accents? The man whose accent we could listen to all day, of course: Sir Patrick Stewart. He continued to win the Internet recently with a guest appearance on the How to Do Everything podcast, where he talked at great length about cow accents and imitated several for your enjoyment.

Why? We like to think that he did it just for our personal enjoyment (to be fair, he probably did it for everyone‘s enjoyment), but the whole thing started in response to a listener question on How to Do Everything. A woman wanted to know how cows moo in accents different from the one in her home region of Nevada.

What happened next was probably the greatest response ever to a silly question. Sir Patrick Stewart was summoned for his expertise and proceeded to prove why everyone loves him by taking the question super seriously and analyzing cow moos based on location and socio-economic status. He also moos like a cow a whole bunch without once letting on that he knows he’s being completely ridiculous, which is, of course, what makes it so funny. Genius.

(via UPROXX, image via Gage Skidmore)

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