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If You Want to See Dexter On Netflix, Do It Now

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When Showtime‘s contract with Netflix ends this summer, its current lineup of original programming will no longer be available on Netflix Watch Instantly. This applies to shows that are still producing and airing new episodes, such as Dexter, Californication, and possibly Weeds (which is owned by Lionsgate and not Showtime). Past Showtime series such as The Tudors and Sleeper Cell (in other words, the ones that are already on DVD) will not be affected when the contract runs out. So, if you were planning a Dexter marathon, plan it for the very near future or save up for all five seasons on DVD. And no, this is not related to Netflix possibly outbidding Showtime for the original series House of Cards, making Netflix a player in the hour-long drama series game. Or so they say.

(Deadline via A.V. Club)

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