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Sweet Moves, Bro: Guy Grabs Mugger’s Shotgun, Chases Him Off With It


If you need a reason not to mug someone — and lets face it, all of us do at some point — this might be a good one: You never know when the person you’re mugging might become an action movie-grade badass and snatch the firearm from your hands like he’s the dang Batman. I mean, 9 out of 10 times, that’s not going to be the case. But man, that tenth time, when the person you’re mugging snaps into action, takes your shotgun away from you, and then chases you down the street with it? That has to be embarrassing, right?

Judging from the way this would-be mugger books it when he’s disarmed, we’re guessing yes. Embarrassing at least. Also, probably no small degree of terrifying, because all of a sudden you’re not the guy with the shotgun. Which is a far less good thing to be than “the guy with the shotgun” for reasons we’ll assume are obvious.

This video was captured just after 5 am Saturday morning in New Orleans, and while it is pretty awesome, we would urge you not to try this at home, because if you fail to wrest control of the gun from your assailant, this technique just becomes a really good  way to turn a mugging into a shooting in no time flat. Still, even if this wasn’t the smartest call the guy could have made, man does he earn a lot of points for style.

(via WWL)

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