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The Final Harry Potter Movie Will Be the Shortest

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It will be like ripping off a Band-Aid — quick and kind of painful. Okay, not really. The final Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 won’t be “short” short, but it it expected to be the shortest film in the series, according to its producers, David Heyman and David Barron. They premiered an additional four minutes of footage from the new movie (to be released July 15) at CinemaCon yesterday and discussed post-production. Right now, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has the shortest running time at 138 minutes.

But if you think about it, this is a continuation of the last movie, which ran 146 minutes. So, it will be the shortest movie, but the conclusion to the longest story. And the last one. Ohhhh …

(Digital Spy)

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