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Agents of SHIELD Recap: “Who You Really Are”

Sooooo bluuuuuuuuuuue



Sif! Sif’s back! And she didn’t have an unnecessarily gross storyline like last time! Praise Odin!


“Who You Really Are” was written by SHIELD exec producer Drew Greenberg, who also wrote my number one all-time fave episode (the May vs. May showdown from earlier this season), so it’s no surprise that this episode brought the goodness. SHIELD needs its Whedony humor to truly reach its full potential, and this episode had lots of great one-liners, from May’s withering looks to Coulson’s wonderful wit. Plus, Sif got to be kick-ass and hella charming (“Shut up!”), so I loved it.


Why yes, that is a reference to the 2001 R&B hit “So Blu”

Not only that, but Greenberg packed the episode with tons of explanatory notes on the nature of the Inhumans and Skye’s transformation, complete with the whole messy Kree backstory (from a Kree in the flesh, nonetheless). I love that SHIELD has really kept up the pace this season; I feel like back in the first season of the show the “Skye has a secret” storyline or the “What happened to Skye?!?!” storyline would have been dragged out over a multi-episode arc. Now, both of those plots are mercifully and rapidly brought to a quick end here and I couldn’t be more happy about it.


And even though “Who You Really Are” was filled to the brim with weird, tired TV tropes (Amnesia! Push him away because you can’t be together! I have to hurt you so you don’t find out my secret! etc), I feel like they all led to really good character moments for the SHIELD crew. Mack’s pacifism further fleshed out his character, which was cool (you know, until that ending); Simmons is going a little less off the deep end than she was last week; and Hunter is actually growing up.


The big question, of course, is what the gosh darn is going on with Bobbi and Mack? I hope it’s nothing too serious – I like the FitzMack dynamic way better than I ever liked the FitzSimmons thing, I have to admit. Lots of people in the comments last week suggested that they might be working for Fury, but I don’t want that to be the case – that was the big reveal with May’s “treachery” last season, and a do-over would be a major cop-out. Perhaps SWORD? Or something? What other theories do you guys have?

Oh, and one last thing: I SHIP IT SO HARD.


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