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Boston Comic Con 2015: Interview with Shelli Paroline & Braden Lamb, Adventure Time Co-Illustrators

Next up in our video series of Boston Comic Con interviews with comics creators, we have Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb, the co-illustrators of the Adventure Time comic, as well as The Midas Flesh. We talked to them about their working process as a duo, their future plans, and their dream to someday get asked to illustrate a Star Wars comic.

Read the video transcript below.


Shelli Paroline: We recently finished The Midas Flesh with BOOM! Box, and that’s an 8-issue series written by Ryan North. It’s a sci-fi adventure; it’s great.

Braden Lamb: It’s about dinosaurs, spaceships, Greek myths, science, and pals.

So, a typical day. We usually  we like to take kind of a leisurely morning breakfast.

Paroline: [laughs]

Lamb: Before we settle in to really work.

Paroline: This is all honest, here!

Lamb: But once we start working, then we’re just going strong through  past dinner.

Paroline: Yup.

Lamb: We both work pretty much all digitally. We have pretty much worked digitally exclusively, but more recently, we’ve been doing a little bit more — Shelli’s been doing more traditional inking for a graphic novel that we’re working on.

Paroline: Yeah, we’re working on a graphic novel for a second right now. We’re changing it up from monthly issues.

We usually work together, on our lay-outs and whatnot. One of us will pencil; we divide up the rest of the process, and we also ink and color our own work, too. So, it depends on what we’re doing day-to-day, but that’s the typical day.

Already we’ve worked on two real dream projects so far, so we’re crossing ’em off the list! I mean, I really enjoy doing licensed stuff. It’s kind of amazing to do things that inspired you originally. I think I’d like to do a Star Wars story, at one point.

Lamb: Yeah. For sure. Star Wars. Me, too. And, if we don’t get to do a Star Wars comic, then I think Midas Flesh will do close enough. It hits a lot of those buttons for me.

I feel like the worst comments that I’ve discovered are people who just aren’t really into the thing that we’re doing. And that’s fine.

Paroline: Yeah.

Lamb: Because, if it was for everyone, then it wouldn’t be so special.

Paroline: I mean, yeah. I think everyone has their own opinions, and you can always tell in a comment if someone just said it to be mean, or if they honestly have a disagreement, like it just didn’t match their vision. You can always just blow it off as that.


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