Got Actual Shark Questions? Ask Real Live Scientist David Shiffman In Tomorrow’s AMA

He's a real person who isn't an actor or anything!
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Between the current criticism lobbied at this year’s Discovery Channel Shark Week programming and the mysterious dead shark found in the New York subway the other day, people have a lot of unanswered question about sharks. Well, tomorrow you’ll have somebody to turn to — David Shiffman, a marine biologist who specializes in shark conservation.

Starting tomorrow at 12:pm EST, Shiffman will be taking your questions about any and all shark matters in the Reddit IAmA subreddit. Shiffman runs a Facebook and Twitter page about sharks and why they’re important — you know, the sort of stuff that Shark Week is supposed to be about.

Want proof? Here’s the official photographic evidence by Shiffman:


If you google him, you also get a whole bunch of science and shark related hits that all seem pretty legitimate — so he’s no Collin Drake. Thank god, someone we can trust!

UPDATE: The actual thread is live over at Reddit. Ask away, sharkthusiasts!

(via Twitter, image via Rupert Ganzer)

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