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Share the Comics Creator Love With This SDCC Music Video

With “Get Your Comics (On the Floor),” Hyper RPG reminds us how San Diego International Comic-Con first got its start: as a celebration of the work of comics creators. The trio celebrate luminaries like Jack Kirby, William Moulton Marston, Steve Ditko, Gail Simone, and Brian Michael Bendis while also reminding attendees that there’s a whole world of awesome art to explore outside of Hall H.

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The video also pokes some fun at the combination of exasperation and excitement that defines going to massive conventions. “What?” shouts Matt Acevedo. “I gotta go get a Hasbro ticket before going to the Hasbro booth?…Man, that’s why I love this shit! So excited!”

Admittedly, the list of creators could use some diversifying. Though they’re sure to mention figures like Gail Simone and Bryan Lee O’Malley, and though they acknowledge the limits of their list by singing “in order to go on, we would need a longer song,” the song’s emphasis is still quite heavy on the white men. And when the photos of the cited creators flash by, it really drives that unfortunate fact home.

Even with that in mind, the video is still a fun reminder of the often underpaid creators who give us the characters and storylines that we love. I personally believe there’s room at Comic-Con for every type of nerd, including those who just watch the movies and TV shows. But I also think there’s room to remember that our Con money can go to big corporations and to the up-and-coming artists and independent comics shops who spend a lot of money to rent their booth and share some wonderful comics with the world.

(Via io9; image via Hyper RPG)

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