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Your New Favorite Tumblr: SFFWorthy

How This Tumblr Blends Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and UpWorthy Titles Will Shock You

We’re all familiar with Upworthy and their headlines that make you feel like you need to click them. Chances are all your friends post them on Facebook, making them impossible to escape.

They’re usually along the lines of “(Story) You’ll Never Believe What Happens Next” and “(Person’s Action) Will Make You Cry,” and most of the time, yes, they do bring the tears. While we’re busy at work. Thanks.

Well, a new parody Tumblr has popped up on the Internet, playfully jabbing at the Upworthy trend by using science fiction and fantasy stories with accompanying headlines. And while there are only a handful of posts so far, it is definitely becoming our new favorite Tumblr.

Welcome, SFFWorthy. We hope you’ll stay with us a while. Check out a few of their recent images below.

(via SFFworthy)

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