OK, Who Thought A Sexy Shrek Photo Spread Was a Good Idea?

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In honor of the coming premiere of Shrek Forever After at the Tribeca Film Festival, V Magazine’s male counterpart VMan is running … a series of sexy Shrek pictures. Featuring characters from the film series posing with scantily clad models.

The publicity may all be great for VMan, but not surprisingly, studio execs behind the moneymaking children’s film have some regrets about allowing the project to go through:

Paramount and DreamWorks Animation reps say they regret allowing a men’s magazine to portray Shrek and friends in a bizarrely metrosexual photo spread.

The photos have Donkey snuggling up to a lingerie-clad model and Shrek and Fiona posing with male and female models wearing barely there leather and denim outfits. Meanwhile, a mostly bare-chested model wearing a cross feeds grapes to Puss in Boots.

DWA, though, was expecting a less provocative, more reverential treatment of its most valuable characters.

A few more of the pictures, below: VMan’s got the full sexy Shrek gallery in all of its questionable glory.

(VMan via Oh No They Didn’t)

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