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James McAvoy Wants Sentinels in X-Men: Days of Future Past, Has Options for Going Bald

Mutatis Mutandis

James McAvoy knew this day would come when he signed on to play the role of a young Charles Xavier in X-Men: First Class. Because we all know the Professor’s most distinguishing characteristic: he’s completely bald. And while First Class covered the events that led to young Charles to be paralyzed, he still had a full head of hair at the end of it. Fortunately, he and the scriptwriter of First Class sequel Days of Future Past have come up with some options.

Unfortunately he’s not being very specific about them. Come on! Prolonged exposure to Cerebro? Religious conversion? Honorary membership in the Blue Man Group?

Simon Kinberg and I had a chat about it and we came up with a whole bunch of idea about how, why and where he might go bald. It’s got to be linked to the plot though,” McAvoy explained.

“In the comics, he lost his hair as soon as his powers awakened, and we clearly didn’t follow the source material. It can’t just be that he looks in the mirror at the end of the film and goes ‘Oh [frick], I’m losing my hair’.

If I remember correctly, McAvoy did manage to sneak a moment of his character nervously inspecting his hairline in a mirror into First Class. But McAvoy has one more thing he wants in Days of Future Past: giant robots. Sentinels, three story tall autonomous robots designed to identify and hunt down mutants, feature largely in the alternate future that appeared in the Days of Future Past storyline in comics, where they had evolved to show significant intelligence and rule the United States. There was a brief, illusory homage to them in X-Men III, but they have not yet appeared significantly in any X-Men movie.

So what’s really odd about this, is that I’m honestly more interested in how a character goes bald than whether there will be giant robots in a movie. I guess Pacific Rim is sapping all my giant robot attention at the moment.

(via Blastr.)

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