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Check Out the Gorgeous Concept Reel for Selkie Story Song of the Sea

so long and thanks for all the fish

Song Of The Sea – Conceptual Trailer from Cartoon Saloon on Vimeo.

The Secret of Kells is an Oscar nominated animated film I’ve been meaning to watch for ages, and is steeped in Celtic folklore and Irish history, so it seems like a natural progression for Cartoon Saloon, the animation company, and Tomm Moore, one of the writers and directors behind Kells to be tackling the selkie myth with their new film. Selkies, mythical women who can take on the form of seals, were at one point pretty much my entire conception of “Ireland,” probably a weird thing for a kid with 50% Irish-born great-grand parents. The selkie story generally begins when a fisherman falls in love with one and steals the magical seal skin that allows her to change shape, and then marries her. It generally ends when she finds where he’s hidden the seal skin and escapes back to the sea, leaving him to raise their children alone. Song of the Sea looks to be mostly about the adventures of the children left behind, and boy is it pretty.

(via io9.)

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