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Arrested Development Season 5 Maeby?

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Now that we’ve put 7 years of Arrested Development season 4 speculation behind us, we can start looking for signs of a season 5.  Wired reports that Netflix is looking to continue it’s recent trend of original programming, and part of that initiative could be more Arrested Development.

This news is part of a larger push Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s Chief Content Officer,  has discussed involving other Netflix Originals like Hemlock Grove and House of Cards. The ultimate goal, according to Sarandos, is to jump from the current amount of original content, “less than 5%” to 15% in the future.  Of course, with Arrested Development‘s devoted, and growing, fan-base, there’s always money in the banana stand, and Netflix seems to realize this. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said, in an interview with CNBC, that “if the talent were willing to do more … I’m sure we would be willing.”

Unlike the other shows mentioned, Arrested Development has a built in fan base, and, considering the excitement surrounding the fourth season, it seems likely Netflix would want to make the most of the show.  I would certainly be interested to see another season, or a movie as the fourth season itself teases, but I wonder how different it would be.  After all, television shows tend to show wear and tear with age, and  just because fans and Netflix want another season doesn’t mean that the ending we have now isn’t satisfying.  On the other hand, I have confidence in the adaptability of Arrested Development.  If season 5 does get made, I would be interested to see how the format of the show continues to change, and I’m sure there could be more to the Bluth story.

While, in this instance, Maeby isn’t Surely, and the end of season 4 felt quite final in many ways, I’m interested to see if Netflix can wrangle another season of the Bluths.  Maybe Michael should start collecting signatures again.  Let the speculation begin.

(via Wired)

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