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2 Player Productions Working on Scrolls Documentary, First Section Released [Video]

2 Player Productions, the folks who are responsible for Penny Arcade TV and the Minecraft documentary, have been working on something else as well, a Scrolls documentary. And they’ve released the first slice of it. And I’ve embedded it above, for your pleasure.

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As you might expect, Notch makes a few appearances in the clip, but the focus of this project is more on Jakob Porser, clever developer in his own right and the lead on the Scrolls project. There’s a lot to cover when you’re talking about Scolls, namely the Bethesda lawsuit, which is touched on briefly in the released clip.

The documentary should really shed some interesting light onto the way that Scolls fits up against its monstrously successful older brother. Porser is more than aware that Minecraft leaves some big shoes to fill — impossibly big shoes — and that Scrolls will never be able to be the same sort of Cinderella story Minecraft was. But you know what they say, the first project after the big hit is always the hardest. I’m definitely interested to watch the rest of this when it comes out. Also, I’m really excited about Skyrim Scrolls now.

(via Joystiq)

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