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The Robots Are Even Beating Us at Scrabble Now

Science has already given us robots who can do push-ups, who can play Jeopardy!, who can beat a human at Go, receive more citizenship rights than human women, and invent languages that humans can’t understand. Now, they’ve come for the word-nerd games.

Nerdist‘s Dan Casey recently sat down to play Scrabble with the Intelligent Vision System (IVS). The IVS was originally created by Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), a Taiwanese research company, to improve automation in the manufacturing sector. Thanks to its features, the IVS also just happens to be really great at Scrabble. So there goes yet another game that the robots have bested us silly humans at.

As Casey explains, “With a combination of artificial intelligence, a front-facing camera that examines the board, and spindly appendages that place custom-made, oversized versions of the game tiles on the board, IVS is devilishly good at Scrabble. [However,] the robot isn’t without its limitations. As it stands right now, it can only build off the previously played word.” Well, at least we have that consolation.

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