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Audio Recovered From Vibrations in Soundless Video, MIT Scientists Can Now See Sound

No word yet on whether they can also taste colors, maaaaan.

Scientists can now see sound! It’s not synesthesia or science fiction—well, it’s not science fiction anymore. Using high speed video, MIT researchers have been able to reverse-Daredevil sound out of sight by observing vibrations in the objects they recorded. The results in this video are nothing short of amazing, although I’m a little preoccupied thinking about Daredevil fighting reverse-Daredevil now.

You can take a look at more about how the process is accomplished on the project’s website, where you can also find the full scientific paper that Abe Davis, computer science PhD student at MIT, and the rest of his team had published in ACM Transactions on Graphics.

(via Geeks Are Sexy)

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