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The Lengths People Will Go to in Order to Keep Their Guns Would Be Laughable If People Weren’t, You Know, Dying

Protestors take part in a rally of Moms against gun violence.

In a country where we now average more than one mass shooting per day, it can be infuriating to watch lawmakers and NRA advocates go to such great lengths to protect guns at the expense of protecting people–especially when so many of these shootings specifically target children.

Case in point: Rather than try to keep guns out of schools, schools are now being designed around guns.

Curved walls and hiding places. To be fair, this isn’t the absolute worst idea I’ve heard this week for how to keep children from being murdered.

I mean, if we’re not willing to enact meaningful gun reform, sure, why not go full Home Alone?

Some probably won’t think this is something to make jokes about. But what else are we supposed to do when those with actual power to act are failing to take this issue seriously?

Take, for instance, Texas’ Rep. Dan Crenshaw, who is currently out here railing against something as simple as universal background checks because that would mean he couldn’t lend guns to his friends. That’s it, that’s the whole complaint.

This comes the same week that Crenshaw’s own state saw ten pieces of legislation take effect, all of which make it easier to own and carry guns. But sure, not being able to lend your buds an AR-15 for the weekend is the real threat to democracy.

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