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Poland’s LARPing Harry Potter Fans Are Back and Crowdfunding a “Permanent School of Sorcery”


Remember last year, when The Czocha College of Wizardry‘s teaser video made us all want to head to Poland and LARP in a castle for the rest of our days? Everyone’s favorite enterprising witches and wizards are back, and this time they hope to set up permanent castle residency!

On February 28th, the College launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $175,000 to fund three four-day, 138-people LARP retreats. If the campaign exceeds $1 million, organizers plan to purchase their own castle in Poland and set up a permanent college.

The Daily News points out that although last-year’s events were Harry Potter themed with the one-off permission of Warner Bros.,”there will be no mention of Muggles, no Quidditch and no Hogwarts” at future retreats, although participants can expect to “be selected to represent one of the five ancient Houses of Czocha Castle” and “attend classes as a witch or wizard and learn the magical arts.”

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