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This Scarf Can Tell You When It’s Cold Out

she blinded me with science

Diana Eng’s mini-collection of Smart Scarves are items after our own hearts. One is a knit scarf filled with nooks and crannies arranged in the Fibonacci sequence, another folds for compactness and unfolds for warmth in the same way that networks of solar panels are folded and unfolded before and after being launched into space with a satellite. But we came across her creations through this last Smart Scarf, called the Jack Frost Scarf for its ability to frost up in cold temperatures.

Gizmodo rightfully points out that a scarf that can only tell you what the temperature is if you take it outside somewhat defeats the purpose: you’re already outside, so you probably already know whether you would like to be wearing a scarf, beautiful and mysteriously appearing snowflake patterns not withstanding. But it’s a scarf of t-shirt material with a snowflake pattern that only appears when it reaches temperatures below 65º! That’s pretty freakin’ cool.

Oh god that was unintentional.

(Diana Eng via Gizmodo)

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