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Saw Writers are Now Writing the God of War Movie


We’re all pretty familiar with the half limbo, half terrible transition the world of video games turning into movies is. Someone always has the rights to some venerable franchise, but progress is rarely ever made. When progress is actually made, though, the movies turn out pretty disappointingly, with the best the genre has ever done being the slightly-above-mediocre Prince of Persia movie. The God of War movie rights have been floating around for quite some time, but now the writers responsible for four Saw movies, Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan are set to helm the project.

You may immediately think tapping Saw writers for a rewrite of the God of War script is a groan-worthy move, in that Saw and God of War are almost entirely different beasts, but it might not be as odd as you think. God of War is one of, if not the most, brutal, visceral video games ever made, and Saw movies are nothing if not brutal. However, though God of War is famous for its brutality and has a franchise-wide sex-with-multiple-women minigame that became more of a meme than a “sex is so hype, yo” kind of thing, the franchise has always been classy. I know it’s weird to say that a franchise where the main character has sex with more than eight women at one time then goes out and forces a minotaur to literally choke on some blades is classy, but somehow, God of War always managed to come off as mature.

Charles Roven and Alex Gartner of Atlas Entertainment are producing, and David Self, who wrote the first incarnation of the script, will be executive producing.

It’ll still be surprising if this movie ever makes it to the silver screen, but that can be said for almost any video game movie. It’ll also be interesting to see if the film can match the franchise’s iconic humongous set pieces and villains, while still keeping some sort of approachable budget. Either way, if we ever find out, it probably won’t be for a very, very long time.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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