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Dragon Age 2 Gets Saved by Sassy Gay Hawke

Allow Us To Explain

I admit to not really being down with the Sassy Gay Friend series until I had it pointed out to me that it was most likely intended not as an endorsement but a dressing down of A) pervasive stereotypes of homosexuality B) the irrational or male-dependent woman in classical fiction and C) the cliché of a female character who cannot sort out her problems until she gets some advice from a rational man (a trope that modern times have thankfully developed some distaste for, only to have it evolve into the softer but in many ways still problematic “gay best friend and advisor” trope)…

…Rather than an endorsement of A, B, and C. So, points up for classical literature references, points down for those stupid commercials the new ones tend to have.

This, however, is not a Sassy Gay Friend video. This is what you get when you add Sassy Gay Friend to Dragon Age, PAX Prime, and ladies who cosplay.

(via Kotaku.)

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