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Sanrio Launches Street Fighter-Inspired Hello Kitty Gear

Oh goodness. It looks as if Sanrio, purveyor of Hello Kitty merchandise, has gotten a little Street Fighter chocolate in their proverbial peanut butter. They have gone and launched a line of clothing — and one tote bag — with Street Fighter x Sanrio branding that is beyond adorable. Beyorable, if you will. If only they’d gone and made a fighting game out of this rather than the crossover with Tekken.

Maybe beating up on Hello Kitty characters was a bit too far for some of the suits further up the ladder. But at least we can enjoy these glorious reminders of what might have been.

My Melody x Cammy looks rough and tumble. And cute.

Badtz-Ryu is ready to take on all challengers, including dryer lint.

Purin x Zangief is afraid of nothing. Like wrinkles.

These and many more are available over at Sanrio’s shop. But seriously, someone needs to set up a petition for Capcom to make this a game like yesterday. It’d be a magical, cutesy, bloody, baffling brawl for the ages.

(Sanrio via a little bit on the awesome side, image credits via Sanrio)

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