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New Samsung Ad Reveals They’re Still Pissed About Owing Apple a Billion Bucks

Last month a jury ruled that Samsung owes Apple over one billion dollars for infringing on a set of patents with many of their smartphone designs. The trial may be finished, but the struggle between the two companies is far from over: Samsung will undoubtedly appeal the court’s decision, Apple will file injunctions against every Samsung phone they can, and the two companies will spend years and millions of dollars doing so. Showing the public that they’re in this fight for the long haul (because we really thought they were just going to pay up) Samsung released a new anti-Apple ad comparing the specs of the newly-announced iPhone 5 and Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S3.

Samsung’s ad seems informative at first glance, but when you look at the “specs” they list for iPhone 5, you realize that they aren’t exactly doing the phone justice. I especially love how they blatantly call out that the iPhone 5 uses “A totally different plug.” Meanwhile, the description of the Galaxy S3 is bloated with every little feature and bit of tech trademark jargon Samsung could come up with.

Of course, the mean-spirited tagline – “It doesn’t take a genius” is the most obvious shot at Apple. The ad is technically an abbreviated version of a larger slogan, which Samsung tweeted on their US Mobile account; “It doesn’t take a genius to choose The Next Big Thing.” Please feel free to insert your own snide retort about either Apple or Samsung, depending on which company you prefer.

For now, Apple sold out their digital pre-order stock of the iPhone 5 in less than an hour. Samsung may have a sharp tongue, but it doesn’t look they’re changing a lot of minds.

(CNET via The Verge)

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