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These Sailor Moon Costume Redesigns Are Out Of This Universe

It Came From Outer Space

Sailor Moon and company have a pretty distinctive look that hasn’t really changed all that much through the years. Perhaps that’s why Abraham Cruz, aka PandaRojo07 on DeviantArt, took it upon himself to reinterpret the group’s classic outfits. Check out Sailor Saturn, Venus, Jupiter and more! 

Sailor Mercury

Sailor Venus

Sailor Moon

Sailor Mars

Sailor Saturn

Sailor Jupiter (my favorite)

Sailor Uranus

Sailor Neptune

Sailor Pluto

Cruz has done a few more designs, which you can find on his DevianArt page but I had to share this one with you too. It’s ChibiMoon!

Which is your favorite? And do you think it’s about time the ladies got the redesign treatment for real?

(via PheonixB on Tumblr)

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