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‘Sailor Moon’: How Old Is Each Sailor Scout in the Anime and the Manga?

The Sailor Scouts in the manga as drawn by Naoko Takeuchi

Age in anime and manga can be weird sometimes. From the differences in school systems, to the fact that the most popular genres are demographically for young people, to just art styles. Sailor Moon especially has its lead character and her team go through so much—it’s hard to remember they are, mostly, just teenagers.

And if you were wondering exactly how old each of the characters is, we’ve got you covered.

Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity/Neo-Queen Serenity

Birthday: June 30th

At the start of the series, Usagi is 14 years old and by the end, she makes it two more years to the ripe old protagonist age of 16. Due to the power of the crystal, she stops aging at 22-years-old and spends the rest of eternity as a hot 22-year-old.

In the original anime, Usagi starts the series at 14, but in the final episode, she is 18.

Ami Mizuno / Sailor Mercury

Birthday: September 10

Ami is the same age as Usagi, which makes sense because they go to the same school. There are no big changes in this regard.

Rei Hino / Sailor Mars

Birthday: April 17

One of the biggest surprises I found when researching is that technically when we first meet Rei in act one of the manga she is 13 years old. But she quickly turns 14 a month later. The Japanese school year begins around April 1 and the manga confirms that Usagi is 14 at the start of the series.

Usagi is a Cancer and her birthday is June 30th. Rei is an Aries and her birthday is April 17th. If Usagi is 14 when the series starts and the school year is in April early, then Rei hasn’t turned 14 just yet.

In the anime, she just starts off as 14.

Makoto Kino / Sailor Jupiter

Birthday: December 5

Sailor Jupiter is slightly older than the other Sailor Scouts due to her later birthday and halfway through the series would turn 15. Makoto has always seemed the most mature of the Scouts in terms of actual skills, as someone who is both an excellent fighter and cook. For bad-ass femmes, Makoto is an icon.

In the anime, Makoto is made the same age as the other ladies.

Minako Aino / Sailor Venus

Birthday: October 22

Minako or Mina has a more interesting dynamic because she has her own series before Sailor Moon called Code Name Sailor V at the age of 13-14. When we are officially introduced to her in the manga she is a 15-year-old and the de facto second in command to Sailor Moon.

In the anime, as part of her goofy personality, she is the same age as Usagi.

Haruka Tenou / Sailor Uranus

Birthday: January 27th

The Outer Sailor Scouts are older than our main group of ladies. Haruka is a high school student and when we meet the character, she is 16 years old and is 17+ as the series continues in the manga.

Michiru Kaiou / Sailor Neptune

Birthday: March 6

Like her girlfriend, Michiru is also 16-17 throughout the series as a first-year high school student.

Sailor Senshi
(image: Naoko Takeuchi)

Hotaru Tomoe / Sailor Saturn

Birthday: January 6th

Our youngest Sailor Scout! Hotaru is introduced as a 12/13years-old. Then after she is reborn she starts off as five years old, then ages up to 10 as her powers awaken. Despite her tiny stature, she is powerful.

In the anime, Hotaru is initally 12 but then is transformed into 8-9—being reborn after Mistress Nine is removed from her.

Setsuna Meiou / Sailor Pluto

Birthday: October 29

Setsuna is the oldest of the main cast of ladies. As Sailor Pluto, she is implied to be older than the fall of the Moon Kingdom, so centuries old. When she is reborn as Setsuna, she is 19-20 when she is reintroduced.

Chibiusa Tsukino / Sailor Chibi Moon

Birthday: June 30th

Despite her small stature, due to the magic of the 30th century, she is actually over 900 years old. The reason she looks 8/9 is because she had not awakened her Sailor abilities. Once that happens she begins to slowly age.

In the anime, Chibiusa is just a small child and doesn’t grow in the same way, except when she is in scout form.

Mamoru Chiba / Tuxedo Mask

Birthday: August 3rd

One of the most controversial changes. In the manga, when we meet Mamoru, he is 16 and therefore only a year and a half/two years older than Usagi, depending on how it falls with their birthdays. For some reason, the anime decided to keep Usagi as 14-year-old, but aged Mamoru to 17. Because we know explicitly that Usagi is 14, it is just very jarring to see her dating a 17-year-old, even if it is only a year change from the manga.

Those are the ages of the main characters of Sailor Moon. Not a ton of surprises, but at least you can find all their zodiac signs now.

(image: Naoko Takeuchi)

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