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Could Sailor Moon Beat Goku In A Fight?

Sailor says "yes, bitch. I can"

Sailor Moon

Innnnnnnnnnnnnn this corner, weighing in at 250lbs of solid muscle, we’ve got the Slayin’ Seiyan, The Victorious Vegetan, Anime’s Most Popular Man, Son GOOOOOOOOOOKUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!! He’s destroyed demons, grappled with gods, and charged up an attack for five episodes straight! And boy is he charged up now! He’s ready to take home the Anime Heavyweight Championship of the World belt! And no one, not even these guys, is going to take it away from him!

And in this corner, weighing in at 110lbs soaking wet, we’ve got … a high school girl? Oh god, there must be some mistake! She must have gotten off the school bus at the wrong place! She can’t seriously be thinking of competing, can she? She’s going to be clobbered! Annihilated! She’s going to have bruises on her bruises! Oh what is the world coming to? Convincing poor helpless children that they can topple titans with nothing but a sailor suit and the power of love! This is going to be a massacre! A bloodbath! A-

Oh…. OH. Nobody told me she was magic. This just got interesting …

Wait there’s no way though, right?

Come on, it’s GOKU. HIS POWER LEVEL IS OVER 9,000!?!?!

Yes, it is. And if this were a physical fight, poor Sailor Moon would be toast. Goku is a MASTER MARTIAL ARTIST. He’s been training since the age that he could WALK. I mean this is the man who does ten thousand sit-ups under crushing gravity MANY times stronger than the Earth’s. This guy does handstands on one finger. This guy was able to go toe to toe with the literal God of Destruction, Lord Beerus, and live. Sailor Moon couldn’t possibly out-punch or out-kick this man. For Goku “punch” and “kick” might as well be alternate words for “inhale” and “exhale”. They just come to him THAT EASILY.

But despite her fragile-looking high school girl frame, Sailor Moon is DURABLE. You wouldn’t know it, but she is actually a FRIGGIN TANK. Oh? Goku trains under intense gravity? Well, Sailor Moon once fought an entire battle while on a spaceship that had 10 TIMES the gravity of Earth. And she does this WITHOUT ANY TRAINING.

Regular-ass high schooler Usagi Tsukino had only been Sailor Moon for a year when she accomplished this feat during the events of Sailor Moon R. Meanwhile, Goku had been training FOR DECADES and STILL had to train intensely to withstand “supergravity”. Sailor Moon is just more naturally gifted than even the Seiyans I guess.

Sailor Moon can also TAKE A HIT. And not just from a hit from some puny god, but a hit from the UNIVERSE ITSELF. Remember when she dove headfirst into the Galaxy Cauldron? That enormous maelstrom of cosmic energy that is able to CREATE AND DESTROY MATTER? You know, the two tings that Isaac Newton said could never happen to the fundamental particles of the universe? Well, after taking a little dip in the ol’ cauldron of Non-Newtonian Physics, she survived. Could Goku do that? I mean, probably, but Sailor Moon did it first.

So she’s strong? So what?

Surely she wouldn’t be able to beat Goku in his Super Saiyan form? Wrong.

Yeah, Goku has Super Saiyan abilities. He can multiply his power level to astronomical heights just by growing out his hair! But guess what, Sailor Moon can do the same thing. Listen, in her regular “non-Super Saiyan” form, Sailor Moon is still powerful enough to destroy entire planets. Remember when she destroyed Wiseman, the living planet that could eat Marvel’s Ego for breakfast? The planet that could rip apart spacetime and devour worlds using only his aura? Well, Sailor Moon and her daughter Chibiusa blew his ass up at the end of the manga’s second arc.

And THEN Sailor Moon learned to use her SUPER Sailor Moon form. She’s literally got “super” in the name! Of course it’s a match for Goku! Now I know what you’re thinking “Goku could just go Super Seiyan 2 or 3 and knock her out” but that’s wrong too! Sailor Moon has even more powerful forms than Super Sailor Moon. She can also turn into Eternal Sailor Moon, which allowed her to defeat Pharaoh 90, quite literally a Lovecraftian being of darkness from beyond the universe!

And at the end of the manga, Sailor Moon has to go up against the strongest Sailor Soldier in history: Sailor Galaxia. Sailor Galaxia possesses the power of the Sapphire Crystal, which can basically blow up entire galaxies. Meanwhile, Sailor Moon manages to defeat her using the power of her Silver Crystal, which also has the power to blow up galaxies. Listen, I’ve seen Goku beat some strong villains, but I ain’t never seen him beat a villain as powerful as Sailor Galaxia was. No siree bob.


Goke could use Ultra Instinct to beat Goku for sure, right?

For NOT sure.

Yeah, Ultra Instinct is insanely powerful. Yeah, Goku would probably land a flurry of godlike punches and kicks on Sailor Moon and leave her hurting. Even in her Eternal Form, I’m not sure she could withstand the sheer magnitude of power that Goku’s Ultra Instinct form gives him. Granted, this is if he can get close to her. After all, Sailor Moon is a master of long-range attacks. She blew up Wiseman from across the Solar System after all. But let’s say by some miracle Goku manages to get in close, he winds up and throws a punch …

And then his fist turns into a butterfly …

Sailor Moon would enter her Sailor Cosmos form and all bets are off. Sailor Cosmos is basically a god. In fact, Sailor Cosmos might actually be a capital “g” God. Sailor Cosmos can warp the laws of reality, travel through spacetime instantaneously, and bend the very stars to her will.

Goku wouldn’t be able to land a blow because there wouldn’t even be anywhere for that blow to land. Goku’s opponents exist in the physical universe, while Sailor Moon’s foes are generally magical and incorporeal in nature. By this same token, Sailor Moon herself is not entirely corporeal. In her Sailor Cosmos form, Usagi Tsukino basically just becomes energy with intent. A higher dimensional being. An angel. A transcendental god. Something that Goku can’t beat because he literally can’t touch. He lacks the metaphysical capabilities to ascend to Sailor Cosmos’ level. It wouldn’t even be a fight. Sailor Cosmos would simply tell Goku that he is deserving of love and affection just like every other being in the universe and send him home with a cosmic pat on the head.

And you know what? That might be just what Goku needs. His insatiable need to feel strong may stem from deep personal feelings of inadequacy. Sailor Moon wouldn’t just beat Goku, she would heal him in the process.

(featured Image: Toei Animation)

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