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Twitter’s Adventure Game Skills Helped Ryan North Escape From a Literal Hole

Probably the funniest thing I read yesterday. Sorry, Ryan North.

So Ryan North got himself stuck in a hole. Apparently when North went exploring (with his faithful companion, Noam Chompsky), he found an empty, abandoned pool. So naturally, as you do with abandoned pools, he jumped in and took some photos. That was all well and good, except for one fact: there was no way for him to get out.

It was raining, so the sides of the pool were wet and slick. The steps you’d usually use to get out were way too high to be of any use. Plus he had the added difficulty of having to figure out how to get Chompsky out. So what’s a prolific comedy/comic book writer to do? Easy answer: ask Twitter for help. And help they did.

The whole thing played out like an adventure game. He talked about where he was, what he had (his inventory, as they say in the industry), and waited for suggestions. You know that thing you do when you’re stuck in an adventure game and you just start combining items together like crazy? That’s exactly how this went. Everyone on Twitter started making unbelievable suggestions using everything on hand to free North.

The entire thing is hilarious and is well worth a read. Spoiler: he does eventually get out. It involved an umbrella, Chompsky’s leash, and some butt touching. I repeat: because it’s North.

Of course.

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