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Our Favorite Rumor Of The Day: Will The Walking Dead Become a Feature Film?


Television-to-movie transitions are often very hit or miss. Sometimes it can go extraordinarily well, as was the case with The Muppets movie, and sometimes it can go horribly, horribly wrong, as distraught Avatar: The Last Airbender fans are quick to point out. As a result, fans are often understandably split over the issue of filmic reboots — is it worth potentially sullying the source material? If Bloody Disgusting’s Mr. Disgusting is correct about burgeoning rumors of a feature film adaptation of AMC’s The Walking Dead, this timeless debate may once again ignite flamewars in comment sections across the Internet.

According to Mr. Disgusting, there have been “rumblings” of a feature film adaptation of the comic-turned-TV show for quite some time. Granted, by “rumblings” he meant that the idea “has been passed off in non-business conversations,” but considering the success of the show and the fact that it was being thrown around as a film before it was affiliated with a network, this isn’t a rumor that’s far off base.

Although Mr. Disgusting is quick to clarify that this is practically the rumoriest of rumors, especially considering mega-hit shows like 24 and The Sopranos were also rumored to have films in the works to no avail, I would venture to say that the current climate is ripe for a Walking Dead film. The comic boasts the best selling indie issue this century, the franchise will be featured at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, where franchise licensing is usually reserved for large film releases such as The Thing remake or Silent Hill 2, and finally, let’s face it, we’re a bit overdue for a good zombie movie. No, the Resident Evil films don’t count.

I only have two questions: how quickly can this happen so I can throw all of my money at it, and what would this movie even look like? Personally, I’d like to see a prequel that covers the outbreak, or something that is entirely stand-alone — I generally dislike it when movie canon meddles with TV canon. A commenter on Blastr pointed out a great idea: what if the film followed the fate of Duane Jones and his father Morgan?

What would you like to see in a Walking Dead film?

(via Blastr and Bloody Disgusting.)

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