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Rudy Giuliani Tried to Blame His Own Typos on Twitter’s “Anti-Trump” Bias

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Last week, former NY mayor and current Donald Trump lawyer/professional sycophant Rudy Giuliani tweeted criticism of Robert Mueller’s chosen timing for some of his recent investigation filings and how they, in his eyes, overshadowed or interfered with the G20 meetings in Argentina. Indeed, Trump did cancel some meetings, though he found other excuses for that.

In Giuliani’s tweet about the issue, he made a number of typos, since he apparently has an aversion to placing spaces after punctuation. One of those typos inadvertently turned into a hyperlink, due to its text format.

Some incredible soul (specifically, Atlanta-based marketing director Jason Velazquez) saw that tweet and immediately bought the URL, which now directs to this image:

Velazquez has also been updating with important bits of related news.

As for Giuliani, he demonstrated a spectacular misunderstanding of how Twitter works by accusing the platform of allowing someone to “invade [his] text,” and change the message. His evidence was that he repeatedly made the same mistake, but only had a link appear once, apparently not realizing that .either is not an existing domain format, while .in is.

This is a reminder that Giuliani isn’t just Donald Trump’s lawyer, he was brought on as his cybersecurity adviser. He spent 16 years as a cybersecurity consultant. And his response to not knowing how URLs work is claim “HACKED!” and “BIAS!”

Twitter doesn’t have an anti-Trump bias. We’re working every day to try to get the platform to recognize racists, misogynists, and actual Nazis as being as big a threat as they seem to think justifiably angry women are. Conservative thoughts are not stifled online. But when conservatives think they’re not getting enough attention, they–the group that loves to claim liberals are the ones “triggered” by actual injustices–have an incredible talent for manufacturing elaborate conspiracy theories. (See: “Shadow banning.”)

So who exactly does Giuliani think invaded his text? Was it a Twitter employee? A friend of an employee? Hillary Clinton? I would 100% that Giuliani thinks his not-at-all-hacked Twitter account has something to do with Hillary Clinton.

As a side note, if anyone can tell me where I can sign up to get my official “anti-Trumper” card that Giuliani’s advertising, please let me know. That sounds neat.

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