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Rubik's Cube Chest of Drawers Looks Awesome, Greatly Increases Sock Retrieval Time

Simply not satisfied with merely making a regular chest of drawers for the children’s playroom, Instructables user Makendo decided to use the iconic Rubik’s Cube as inspiration. The result is a colorful three-drawer tower with spinning sections and a reconfigurable color scheme.

While the tower doesn’t completely mimic a Rubik’s Cube, it does have some mind-bending tricks. Using some Lazy Susan bearings, the drawer levels can spin independently. Each of the colored panels is made of painted plywood with a dowel and magnet on the reverse side, so the cube can be “scrambled” and “solved” with remarkable ease. Also, the drawers themselves are carefully hidden, making simply getting the thing open a challenge. This is compounded by the drawer locks hidden behind certain panels.

Read on after the break, for a video of the Rubik’s Drawers in action and some very happy kids.

(image and story via Instructables, Hack a Day)

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