This Tire Will Make Your Head Explode

This is a movie. Let me say that again: this is a real movie. It has a director, it was put on film, it will presumably be in theaters at some point in the future. This is absolutely real; this is Rubber.

Written and directed by Quentin Dupieux, whom the internet may know better as the musician behind this music video, Rubber follows the inexplicable endowment of life to a tire named Robert and can apparently explode people at will. You know, like Scanners. That’s just about all you can discern from this enigmatic trailer. A quick trot around the internet turns up little more than references to screenings at festivals (Cannes, AFI) and an even more enigmatic plot synopsis. From Wikipedia:

In California, an audience watches a tyre through binoculars. The tyre is named Robert that has come to life. The tyre eventually starts going on a killing spree.

Given the look of the trailer, the set pieces, and the general insanity surrounding the movie, it’s clear that the producers are gunning for a cult hit. In this age of Troll 2, and Cowboys and Aliens, does Rubber have what it takes to get the geeky moviegoer dollar? Stay tuned, friends.

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