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It’s That Handy Rope Bracelet You Should Have Packed, Samwise Gamgee!

Just What You've Always Wanted

Introducing the Survival Strap! A stylish woven bracelet that can be unraveled and used in both pinches as well as dire situations because it’s made out of paracord and is super strong! Basically, it’s the very rope you will need to have on hand while mountain climbing, camping, or restraining crazed slaves of the Ring. And it comes in 50,000 different color combinations! Sam, are you hearing this?

From the product page alone, these things look like they’ll make your life instantly more exciting than it ever should be. According to the copy on the front page, buyers of the Survival Straps have achieved such tasks as “making a tourniquet,” “saving an infant,” “surviving a terrorist attack,” and “tying a new grill to a car”! And should you use your rope to journey through the mountains of Mordor, you should take a picture and provide a detailed account because then you will have your Survival Straps replaced free of charge!

The heavy-duty military spec 550 paracord is 16 feet long and secured with a stainless steel shackle. (Not just a clasp — a friggin’ shackle.) And at only $25 — with a hurricane about to punch the East Coast in the face — it’s what every self-respecting survivalist (or hopeful survivalist) needs in their tool kit (aside from pans).

(Gear Junkie)

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