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Zemeckis Still Waiting on Roger Rabbit Sequel, Says He’d Like to Convert the Original to 3D

Cautiously Optimistic

Robert Zemeckis tells MTV Movies that whether or not a sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit gets made at this point is entirely in Disney’s hands. The script, written by the people behind the first movie, is in, he thinks it’s good, and is just waiting on them. Or, as I said last month, “if this film was a baby, it’s parents would still be quickly looking away and blushing whenever their eyes accidentally met in the laundromat.”

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But the only reason Roger Rabbit came up at all in the conversation is because he was asked which of his movies (which includes, lest we forget, the Back to the Future franchise, Death Becomes Her, and Contact) he’d like to see converted to 3D for a theatrical rerelease.

Turns out, Zemeckis has some very specific ideas:

The only one is’ Roger Rabbit,’ because you could really pull the animation out as a separate element. It would be very spectacular 3-D… they did a test on ‘Roger’ back in 2006, somewhere around then, and it looks really great.

I admit, it would be a pretty interesting irony if all of the filmed live action in the movie was flat as a painting while the toons sprung off the screen. Certainly interesting enough for me to go see it, especially since I’ve never seen WFRR in theaters.

As for that sequel, Zemeckis confirms that it is still a period piece, and if it ever gets done, it’ll also be in 3D, though it will retain its hand-drawn roots. Definitely no Pixar characters. I dunno, Zemeckis says period… but he doesn’t say what decade.

My dreams of a Roger Rabbit sequel set in the ’80s are still alive!

(via MTV Movies.)

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