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Fox News Creator Roger Ailes Has Died. Let’s Let the Internet Say a Few Words in Remembrance

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Roger Ailes–the creator of Fox News who spent decades helping drive a wedge into the already vast political divide between regular Americans, not to mention fostering a landscape of racism and misogyny while serially harassing female coworkers and allowing others to do the same, passed away this morning at the age of 77. This is always a tricky situation because while there’s that whole don’t speak ill of the dead thing, when men like Ailes pass, it would be a disservice to all those impacted by his horrible actions to pretend like they were decent human beings all along.

So rather than write an obituary made up entirely of four-letter words, as I would like, I’ll let our good friend The Internet do the memorializing.

There’s a lot he’ll be remembered for.



He genuinely did change the landscape of cable news.




Are we being disrespectful?

This feels like the proper amount of respect.

Either way, even in death, Roger Ailes will be just fine.

Everyone seems to agree on that.

Whatever that means.

Meanwhile, there are other public figures actually worthy of your mourning today.

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