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Trailer for Rocky Musical is Exactly What You’d Expect, Regardless of What You’re Expecting [Video]

Rocky Musical

If you asked me to draw a Venn diagram between fans of Broadway musicals and fans of the Rocky franchise, I would just draw two circles that were very far away from each other. Sylvester Stallone and Stage Entertainment USA seem to disagree with my assessment, and they’re betting there’s enough of an overlap for their new musical Rocky to be a success.

Whether you think a musical version of Rocky is a great idea or a terrible one, the new trailer for the production will probably confirm your opinion. There’s not enough in the video to really indicate whether this will be a good musical version of Rocky or a bad musical version of Rocky, but it sure shows that there’s a musical version of Rocky happening. Take a look:

According to the description of the video on YouTube, Rocky has been workshopping in Hamburg, Germany to rave reviews and packed houses. They’re hoping to continue that success when it opens at New York’s Winter Garden Theater for preview performances next February.

(via Pajiba, image via YouTube)

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