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Robocop Will Throw the First Pitch at a Baseball Game Tonight, but the Robocop Statue Will Have to Wait

Unless it breaks the law, then Robocop will escort the baseball to jail.

Robocop Baseball

Tonight at a Detroit Tigers (they are not real tigers, but humans) basesball match against the Toronto Blue Jays (we’ve yet to confirm whether they are birds or humans) Robocop will throw out the ceremonial first pitch, possibly at a criminal.

The first pitch ties into Detroit’s “Robocop Day” today to celebrate the Blu-ray release of the movie. It was supposed to be the big reveal of Detroit’s crowdfunded Robocop statue, but an email we received this morning from PR company ThinkJam informed us the event was canceled. So you’ll have to wait for your supercool Robocop statue Detroit.

(ESPN via Colin Jost, image via Jacob Enos with my own edits)

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