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Robin Wright Will Star in Final Season of Netflix’s House of Cards Finally Making Me Care About That Show Again

image: Netflix Robin Wright as Claire Underwood in a scene from House of Cards

There aren’t very many “bright sides” in this eternal shit-show we seem to be living in, but today we finally got one in the form of Queen of Stone-Cold Badassery, Robin Wright. Looks like House of Cards will be moving forward for its sixth and final season…with her as the show’s lead.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix announced that they’ll be moving into production early next year “on an eight-episode sixth season that will star Robin Wright.” Netflix’s content chief, Ted Sarandos, said in a statement, “We are excited to bring closure to fans.”

Though the show has already filmed two episodes and had a table-read scheduled for the third episode of its original 13-episode sixth season, production company Media Rights Capital pulled the plug, and postponed production in light of the sexual assault and harassment allegations against star, Kevin Spacey.

There was originally doubt as to whether or not the show could even go on without Spacey, considering Spacey’s contract, which didn’t have a morality clause that would allow him to be fired for something like harassment. Reports aren’t clear as to the legalities of this move, but they are writing Frank Underwood out of the show, and the season will now be eight episodes instead of 13.

My guess is that, since Frank Underwood dies in the original source material for the show, that the new season will start after that, leaving Claire to take power for herself. The plan may have already been to have the character die part-way through the season anyway. This…just speeds up the process.

I am thrilled that everyone else working on the show gets to keep working for one more season, and I’m beyond thrilled that this means more Robin Wright as Claire Underwood, one of the most fascinating women on television right now. Wright has already fought for equal pay on the show, but there is no reason why she should be seen as anything other than superior to her abusive former co-star.

It’s about time she stepped into the spotlight and took center stage. And if Claire Underwood rolls into Washington D.C. like this…

image: Warner Bros. Robin Wright as General Antiope in Wonder Woman

…I wouldn’t be mad.

(image: Netflix)

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