Adorable Geek Art by Illustrator Robin Kaplan Is Adorable

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Children’s book illustrator Robin Kaplan features her collection of geek art on her own site as well as Etsy, where you can buy prints. Kaplan, who also goes by the alias The Gorgonist (Gorgon + Artist), is also the self-published author of The Last Keyhole. Her work is like kickass geek icons meet Precious Moments characters, who are then converted into kickass geek icons.

Here is Lady Vader:

Two girls in Doctor Who-themed dresses:

Gundam Girls:

Adorable take on Futurama:

Transformer Girls:

And Star Trek Bros:

Kaplan also does a lot of monsters and steampunk-inspired drawings, so we highly recommend a visit to her various galleries.

(The Gorgonist via So Geek Chic)

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