TMS Plays Rise of the Tomb Raider Episode 5.3—”Escape the Prison”

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This week’s Let’s Play through Rise of the Tomb Raider drops us right into the action. Our Let’s Player Sam Riedel just leveled up Lara’s weapons last week, so now she’s good to go. By the way, if you’d like to catch up on our other videos in this series, check out our YouTube channel!

It’s a good thing we’re all leveled up now, because the enemies just got tougher: these new guys are wearing what looks like military-grade body armor. After a couple of tries, Sam manages to take them all out, between her grenade usage and her newly upgraded shotgun.

After Lara clears that area, she wanders forward to some more cabins and finds one that’s full of some enemies who are already dead. Could this be Constantine’s doing? Or maybe … Jacob killed them? Eventually, Lara runs into Jacob while he’s in the middle of fighting and stabbing a dude. So, yeah. I guess Jacob can handle himself after all.

While Jacob and Lara extend a couple of words about how Jacob is apparently a secret bad-ass, a helicopter flies overhead and spots them. (Why does Constantine have access to all of this military tech?) Lara and Jacob escape the helicopter by jumping off a cliff into a body of water. Looks really chilly.

Lara has to swim as fast as she can in order to get to the nearest hole in the ice. But isn’t she going to need to be worried about hypothermia now? She’s got not time to worry about that, because the helicopter has caught up with her now, so it’s time to start running, jumping, and swinging on ropes through the air into more running and jumping obstacles. It all goes really well until the helicopter’s gunner blasts one of the cranes that Lara is trying to zip-line towards, and she falls back into the icy water.

By the way, this is all stuff that would totally kill a normal person, but … this is a video game, folks. Lara is fine. Probably. Guess we’ll have to watch her figure out how to survive this chase next week! Oh, and by the way … where’s Jacob? Is he lost again?!

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